By using our offer you agree to the following terms of service

§ 1

Shipment and transport related damage

We don’t take responsibility for any damages resulting from shipping and transporting. Our packages are always meticulously packed and secured as best as we can. We recommend opening packages in the presence of the courier and creating a damage protocol as needed. Fixing of any breakage (if possible) creates additional value to the beforehand agreed upon price for the service.

§ 2


We provide a warranty for the span of 12 months. For the warranty to be considered the following items are required: documents in the form of a receipt or an invoice, as well as intact warranty seals.

After the 12-month span we offer a possibility of a billable post-warranty maintenance.

Warranty does not cover damages resulting from incorrect use, traffic collisions, mechanical damages as a result of accidents or vehicle’s systems disfunctions resulting in the damages to the headlights, as well as third-party interference into the solution.

Shipping costs are on costumer side.

Given the possibility we do our best to fix the damages, if that’s impossible we suggest an alternative.

Finally, if the problem persists, and the client does not agree to a different modification, he or she can apply for a refund of the repair costs, or restoration of the headlight to the state before the modifications.

§ 3

The modified headlight loses the manufacturer’s homologation. We posses homologation certificates for the majority of the elements, however those might be insufficient. Use the headlight on your own responsibility. We waive any responsibility resulting from use.

§ 4

All texts, photos, graphics or videos on this site, or the page provided via Facebook, Google, Youtube etc. are our property and we reserve the exclusive right to their publication. Copying and distribution without the authors permission is forbidden.

§ 5

All hidden defects or damages, which were not part of the original pricing, may result in the increase of the final price of the service.

§ 6

The standard time to perform the service is 2-3 weeks. It can be prolonged due to factors such as material availability, unusual changes in the project or indisposition as a result of sickness or accident.

§ 7

In cases where contact with the client is not possible, no contact data or solution information have been provided, the time to perform the service is extended by the amount of time required to get in contact with the client. We take no responsibility for any delays of this kind.

§ 8

In cases of no contact and “abandonment” of the shipped goods, meaning situation where the owner shows no attempt at contact or return, the aforementioned good comes under the possession of the company Doktor Light after a period of at least half a year since the transfer. We make every effort to ensure that such a situation does not occur.