Motorcycle's lighting



Our company specializes in conversion of default headlights to FULL LED. Out trademark is the ability to deliver individual and unique designs.

To deliver them we use a wide array of different components. This includes commercial elements coming from car and motorcycle headlights, as well as our own products.
Our lamps, depending on the opportunity, are available to be mounted without any changes to the motorcycle’s installation, so-called PLUG & PLAY.


All the control elements are installed on the inside or the outside of the casing, and the connectors are brought out in such a way that no further changes are required. This includes the systems for daytime driving
We often offer very atypical elements, adapted in an individual way in accordance with the client’s wish.
Almost every project includes installation of lights for daytime driving controlled by our own DLswitcher system.




We can perform the conversion in varying degrees, for example:

  • Installation of a single Mono LED lens for the low or high beam,
  • Installation of the Bi-LED lens,
  • Installation of projectors without lenses,
  • Installation of double Bi-LED lenses in a QUATRO system,
  • Asymmetrical constructions containing mixed elements,
  • Adaptations of LED elements from original motorcycle headlight into other models

and many others… we welcome new challenges.
We often provide a discount for models we have not previously welcomed in our workshop.
We provide a warranty for our work, as well as post-warranty maintenance if needed.

Mounting of LED daylight driving lights is our specialty. To deliver our projects we use the best components, and as controls we use our proprietary DLswitcher system.

How does it work?
Almost all motorcycles after startup automatically trigger the passing beam, which can’t be turned off due to the lack of appropriate switch.
As a result, using the true “DRL” lights is impossible. The solution is to install into the headlight our system. DLswitcher makes it so that after the motorcycle startup it’s the daylight driving beam that triggers, and not the passing beam.

In this state you can still use the driving beam to “blink”.
To keep the passing beam on you need to hold down the driving beam switch for about 5 seconds. At this point the driving beam will turn off (or switch into the positional mode) and the passing beam will turn on.
The system can also be adapted for the motorcycles with the CAN-BUS system. A headlight modified in such a way requires no interference into the motorcycle’s installation or mounting of an additional switch. The system does not cause failures with the motorcycle’s computer.


Mounting of daylight driving lights often requires substantial alteration of the headlight. Due to this we most commonly mount them as a part of the headlight’s conversion to FULL LED.





DLswitcher on video:

Should the need arise for a conversion of a headlight to a European version in many cases we are able to help.
For select models we offer a replacement of retroreflectors to original “European”.
We are able to convert every headlight witch lens as low beam light.
However, often the only solution to is to modify the headlight by inserting, for example, a lens into the passing beam headlight.
There some options. Get in contact with us and we will try to help.

We deal in repairing damaged headlights. If possible, we offer:

  • Welding plastic
  • Repair of the adjustors
  • Glass cover replacement
  • Combining multiple damaged headlights into a single functioning one


Get in contact with us and describe your problem, we will try to help.


We offer regeneration of reflectors, glass cover and other elements of motorcycle headlights.
Various headlights require different procedures, that being said we always strive the find the appropriate solution.
We subject the retroreflectors to vacuum metallization, while the glass cover receive a new coating of varnish.
A thing to keep in mind is that most of motorcycle headlights shine quite poorly, even if new…
Due to that if we expect a substantial improvement of headlight’s functioning, then apart from a few cases the best solution is LED conversion.

We posses elements to multiple motorcycle models.
In our supply there are light bulb sockets’ rubber seals and caps for multiple brands like:

  • BMW,
  • Suzuki,
  • Yamaha,
  • Honda,
  • Kawasaki,

and many other!
Get in contact with us and let us know what element do you need!

We offer mounting, installation and adaptation of LED inserts into headlights for which there is no other method of conversion. In our offer there are some models tested by us, but we are open to the clients wishes and can also provide other models. In some headlights the swap of the retroreflector for an insert is very simple. However, some require a substantial alteration. That is especially true for models which contain regulators and additional, intermediate mounts.


We also undertake the installation of such builds. Elements used by us are tested and we provide warranty for them. Standard dimensions of inserts are 7 inches by 5,75 inches. Other dimensions require a more personalized approach.
Get in contact with us and discuss possibilities.