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This page will be completely revamped in the near future. Therefore, no updates will be posted here, and some information may no longer be current.

You can see our current offerings and presentations of our work on our YouTube channel and our company Facebook page.

We strongly encourage you to contact us, and we will gladly present all the new possibilities, which are numerous.

The Doctor Light Team.

At Doctor Light we deal in everything relating motorcycle headlights. We always strive to meet the expectations of our clients by offering original and one-of-a-kind designs.

We do not compromise.
The improvement of lightning and appearance is our top priority.

 Due to the fact that the motorcycles are our passion we have a uniquely creative approach.
This results in solutions unmatched by our competitors.

Our main area of activity is full conversion of lighting to FULL LED. Our lamps, depending on the opportunity, are available to be mounted without any changes
to the motorcycle’s installation, so-called PLUG & PLAY.

In addition we also offer services in the field of:

  • headlight conversions from the UK, US, JP versions to the European version
  • regeneration and repair of lighting damage
  • distribution of parts for headlamps
  • adaptation of ready-made LED inserts

Information for international clients

We offer services consisting of modifying out clients’ headlights. We do not build the lights from scratch, and we do not sell pre-made headlights (except for few exceptions). To make use of our services you have to provide us with the headlight to be modified or settle with us for a different kind of cooperation. We can prepare a pre-made product, but then the price is increased by the cost of the headlight. We do international shipping.