How do I send you my lamp?

It doesn’t matter which shipping service you use. That being said, it’s extremely important how you pack. This is especially important for headlights with glass shades or protruding mountings.

Don’t put faith in additional options like “Fragile” or “Caution! Glass”. Its up to you to ensure the safety of your package. Always use a bigger box and more filling. Ensure that the headlight is not touching the box directly.

It is mandatory to include a card with the return address, phone number and solution info to every package.

Yes, we provide receipt or invoice (VAT free).

The time it takes to implement the solution is strictly dependent on the complexity of the job and availability of parts. FULL LED conversions take about 2-3 weeks (unless the headlight’s “base” was prepared beforehand). Regeneration takes about 2 to 5 workdays.

The easiest way is to shine the headlight on a flat wall and observe the light pattern. The two versions vary on the angle which can be seen in the picture below. Sometimes the differences can be very subtle.

A big portion of headlights are so called “symmetrical headlights”. In such a case the light’s cut-off line is straight.


left: UK version
right: EU version

Wzorce wiązek - LHD i RHD

No. Motorcycles are our passions and as such we focus on them. We can make an exception in case of an interesting conversion of headlights to LED, however no regeneration or repair is possible.

Sure thing. Both round and of a different shape. Mono and Bi lenses are ok. Apart from lenses we also mount different elements.

When implementing our solutions, the correct functioning of the headlight is our primary concern.

We do not mount elements “blinding” other commuters, and the headlight can always be adjusted. Our solutions always pass inspections

Sadly, any modification, even as trivial as replacing the position light to its LED substitute results in the loss of the headlights homologation.

You have to ask yourself whether using commonly horrible factory headlights is more important than your and other commuters’ safety.

It’s a LED lighting element fulfilling the role of the low beam or the high beam which does not include a lens. It a reflex projector that thanks to its geometry create an appropriate light beam. Such elements come in many different variants. They are not worse than lenses, just different.

A Bi-LED lens is an element that contains both the low beam and the high beam. Depending on the build it can contain a mechanism changing the shutter’s position or separate diodes triggered separately. As a result, they contain both the “low” and “high” in one lens.

On the other hand, the Mono-LED lens contains only one beam. Either “low” or “high”.

No. Xenon is an obsolete technology. We focus on LED solutions. That being said, we might make and exception if the customer insists.

Yes, if possible. We can always convert headlights with lenses, however headlights with retroreflectors require us to swap those elements for other. We don’t always have such elements on hand. Sometimes the only option is to covert to LED. In those cases, it doesn’t matter what was the headlight’s previous version.

Yes. We provide a warranty for the span of 12 months, as well as possible post-warranty maintenance. Our headlights are provided with a warranty seal containing a timestamp.